10th International Short Story Festival: 1-5 October, 2014


The 10th edition of the International Short Story Festival will begin on Wednesday, October 1st, with the Tomasz Broda exhibition in the Szewska Pasja Gallery. The Wroclaw-based artist has created a unique resume of the previous festivals by portraying the writers who have performed on the festival’s stage throughout the years.
Also on Wednesday, we will listen to the short stories published in the „New Dream” [Nowe Marzy] collection consisting of the best texts submitted to the 2014 competition.
Our film program starts with two features that are very rarely screened – „Amor” and „Return”, written and directed by Sławomir Mrożek.
On Thursday we will try to convince you that the Czech Republic needs sea access and that a Polish classics („The Border” by Zofia Nałkowska) is still a masterpiece one can admire. In the evening the best short story writers from Poland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Ireland and Iceland will read their prose in the New Horizons Cinema. Where will they be seated this time? On a chair made of toy rats? On a pope’s chair or in a yellow box?
On Friday there will be a reading and screening of „Despair” by Vladimir Nabokov (directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder) as well as Todd Solondz’s „Storytelling” – there is probably no better a film to be shown at the Short Story Festival! Earlier that day you can participate in the conference of cultural managers, discuss Julio Cortazar’s stories or meet Wioletta Grzegorzewska, a Polish writer living on the Isle of Wight. In the evening – readings by writers from Poland, Iceland, Basque Country, Liechtenstein and South Korea.
Saturday will begin with a lecture on Tove Jansson’s life and work presented by Justyna Czechowska and „Transgressions”, an all-women meeting hosted by Agnieszka Wolny-Hamkało. You’re invited to come and listen to authors reading in Polish, Norwegian and Icelandic, or watch „The Double” (directed by Richard Ayoade) or the „Desert of the Tartars” by Valerio Zurlini. At 9 pm (seems like the grande finale though it is not one yet!), there is an amazing concert of Mister D. with the participation of Dorota Masłowska, one of the most popular Polish writers and performers.
Sunday is for kids… almost exclusively. At 10 am we will screen „Witches” based on the book by Roald Dahl, directed by Nicolas Roeg. At noon – meeting with Dorota Masłowska. At 2 pm – games and workshops for children (age 5-10). At 8 pm in the Spanish Bookshop we will listen to Marcin Oleś playing „New Spanish Stories”.

All readings, discussions and authors’ meetings have free admission.
Film tickets: 11 PLN, available at the New Horizons Cinema’s Ticket Office.
Mister D. concert tickets: 15 PLN, available at the New Horizons Cinema’s Ticket Office.

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International Short Story Festival is a multidimensional celebration of short prose, aiming at the promotion of ambitious books. It concentrates on the unsual presentation of narrative forms, researches the influence of literature on other arts, provokes interactions between authors and audience, at the same time allowing the experience exchange between Polish and foreign artists. The festival actively participates in the discussions on cultural and social transformations of the contemporary world, it also tries to reconstruct the relation between literature and traditional oral narration. At the heart of the festival is the reading of stories by their authors, in original languages, with the translation simultaneously screened behind; each year readings are set in different scenography and in different venues. The festival is accompanied by meetings, workshops for children, exhibitions, concerts, film roundup, best short story and literary translation competitions, creative writing workshops. ISSF is also a publisher of short story collections.