About the festival

10th edition: 1-5 October 2014

International Short Story Festival is a multidimensional celebration of short prose, aiming at the promotion of ambitious books. It concentrates on the unsual presentation of narrative forms, researches the influence of literature on other arts, provokes interactions between authors and audience, at the same time allowing the experience exchange between Polish and foreign artists. The festival actively participates in the discussions on cultural and social transformations of the contemporary world, it also tries to reconstruct the relation between literature and traditional oral narration. At the heart of the festival is the reading of stories by their authors, in original languages, with the translation simultaneously screened behind; each year readings are set in different scenography and in different venues. The festival is accompanied by meetings, workshops for children, exhibitions, concerts, film roundup, best short story and literary translation competitions, creative writing workshops. ISSF is also a publisher of short story collections: “Zaraz wracam” [Be Right Back] (2008), “Projekt mężczyzna” [Project Man] (2009), “Swoją drogą” [Their Own Way] (2011), ORWO (2011), “Nikt nigdy” [No One Ever] (2012), “Pin i zielonym” [Enter PIN number and green] (2013).