2012 No One Ever. Competition

No One Ever – nominated for the grand prize

The jury for selecting the best short story: Marcin Hamkało (chair), Marta Mizuro, and Natasza Goerke nominated 15 people for the grand prize. The nomination was also an invitation to attend a free creative writing workshop organized during the 8th International Short Story Festival. The workshop will be held on 3-6 October 2012. Details will be sent by email to the nominees who have been invited to participate.

1. Dominika Bierczyńska, Łódź
2. Magdalena Brodziak, Szubin
3. Mateusz Cynar, Medyka
4. Katarzyna Cyran, Warszawa
5. Ewa Frączek, Lublin
6. Ewa Gendek, Łódź
7. Tomasz Gruszczyk, Bielsko-Biała
8. Dominika Jagiełło, Warszawa
9. Joanna Jagiełło, Warszawa
10. Marta Kowalczuk, Łódź
11. Anna Majchrowska, Warszawa
12. Andrzej Muszyński, Kraków
13. Izabela Nagalska, Bramki
14. Natalia Stryjak, Raczyce
15. Jakub Tabaczek, Wrocław

Questions should be directed to milka@shortstory.pl

Please be advised that it is not possible to obtain an individual assessment/review of work submitted to the competition.

About the competition:

As it turns out, there are competitions that can unpretentiously, objectively and literally become part of the propaganda of success, without trampling on the enthusiasm of God knows who in the public. Literature, for example. As reported by the organizers, in just four years the interest in the literary competition of the International Short Story Festival has grown eight-fold. In 2008, 67 authors offered their work to the festival. When the deadline for submissions arrived on 15 June 2012, on the very eve of the On the call ended on Friday, June 15, 2012, on the very eve of the Wroclaw Disaster, we had received 553 stories, of which more than 528 pass the formal selection process. The level of participation in this short story match of honour (first prize was only 2.5 thousand zł) was all the more surprising given that this year’s theme seemed to require a lot of courage from writers. It has been defined by the words „nobody ever,” which the organizers explained in the rules, expecting provocative texts „to considerations of (forgotten) avant-garde literary source, the writer as discovering new perspectives existential possibility of formal language testing and narrative structure.” It sounded scary, is not it? Judging by the record number of entries, but not really the theme of young (usually) writers scared. The previous record (2011: 365 texts), was beaten at the same time it is clear that the organizers are considering the extension of the formula of the competition, for example, to transform it into a year-round literary workshop stationary. It is also worth noting the international dimension of competition, which this year reported by the authors residing in Canada, USA, UK, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Norway and, of course, in all Polish regions.

The works will be jury Mizuro Marta, Natasha Martin Goerke and Hamkało. The results of the pre-selection will be announced in early August, and then you select a group of several people, the organizers invite the October workshop. Name the winner of the grand prize will be announced at the final festival in early October 2012, in Wroclaw.