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Debut of Opowiadanie


Why another literary journal? Especially one in print?! Let’s just accept the fact: the more effectively we make the argument that it is absolutely essential to our unique national culture, right here, right now, as well as to our universal, age-old European traditions, the more clearly we will see how hapless we are in our efforts to talk about the reality we live in. The more we hunker down and fight to justify ourselves, the greater the frustration with which the words flow from our mouths. The issue is clear: print no longer exists. Print is dead. Analogue ghosts, type-set orphans, forcing free street rags that nobody needs on people at intersections. Pedestrians reluctantly accept them out of pity, in case their smart phone suddenly fails, or their tablet’s system crashes, or the Wi-Fi signal fails. The last guru of print is now begging in the streets, on a dirty piece of paper it reads “I’m collecting money for a happy ending”, but in reality he is trying to gather up the strength to get up from the sidewalk, dust off his clothes and go home. The Myth of the Book, the ethos of the Gutenbergs is still smouldering & is dying out only in the posthumous children of a bygone era.

Which we are.

We could make up some story about how we want to be last, because we’d like to turn out the lights, how much we like the idea of playing with you in a colony of Mohicans; that our greatest ambition is to arrange a charming funeral in words. It would be nice for once to become a defender of the “kingdom without borders and the city of ashes”, to accept defeat with dignity, and then wear a halo when we go pubbing for the rest of our lives. Manifestos in the form of a Last Will and Testament (and vice versa). Let’s set aside this fiction, however. You’re well aware of that fact that it could be useful.

Today there is a different truth. We have business to take care of. We want to be a thematic channel that features stories: the perfect tool for communication. Narrative: the most efficient way known for building communities. We chose the medium without rigid adherence to any ideology, without rhetorical flourishes, and at the moment there is simply no more handy form for an unadulterated short story than a PDF, e-book, or pamphlet. We start with a simple form, one well known and stable. From several individuals, who come from here and there, who can tell a story like few can. Among them are some real literary stars, some of your favourites, and authors who are respected and popular in their own countries, but just now making their debut in Poland. There is excellent literary narration, a section about adaptations, some miscellaneous chat, and a few reviews.

We now have the first, ‘zero’ issue of Opowiadania [Short Story] behind us and in front of you. In a moment, we will sit down, here in Wroclaw, at your favourite table, to start once again plotting the takeover of the world. Would you like to take a seat and join us?

Marcin Hamkało



A print version of a first, ‘zero’ issue of Short Stories is available free of charge at the International Short Story Festival. Details can be found at: www.opowiadanie.org

In order to received an electronic copy of the journal (epub, pdf, mobi), please send an email to the editors at: redakcja@opowiadanie.org

The contents of the autumn 2012 ‘zero’ issue include:

Etgar Keret / The Hedgehog Who Wanted to Rob a Bank [Jeż, który chciał obrabować bank]

Magdalena Tulli / Riff

Colm Tóibín / Song [Pieśń]

Colm Tóibín / One Minus One [Jeden minus jeden]

Empar Moliner / The Invention of Aspirin [Wynalezienie aspiryny]

Natasza Goerke / Spirit Painter [Malarz duchów]

Natasza Goerke / Penetration [Przenikanie]

Dan Lungu / Five, Half Past Six [Piąta, wpół do szóstej]

Janusz Rudnicki / Dear Mr. Hitler [Drogi Panie Hitler!]

David Soares / Gospel of a Hanged Man [Ewangelia wisielca]

Valeria Parella / What I No Longer Remember [To, czego już nie pamiętam]

Marta Syrwid / Sixty-six [Sześćdziesiąt części]

Filip Zawada / Sour Fish [Kwaśne rybki]

Agnieszka Wolny-Hamkało / Delicatessen [Delikatesy]

Iza Klementowska / The Man From the Portugal District [Pan z dzielnicy Portugalia]

Interview With Beata Rudzińska [Rozmowa z Beatą Rudzińską]

Adriana Prodeus / Adaptations [Adaptacje]

David Foster Wallace / Fragments of an Interview [Fragment wywiadu]

Zadie Smith / Difficult Gifts [Trudne dary]

Marta Mizuro, Grzegorz Czekański / Reviews

Agnieszka Wolny-Hamkało / Scar Left by the Avant-garde [Blizna po awangardzie]


SHORT STORY no. 0, autumn 2012

Editorial Board: Marcin Hamkało (editor), Marta Mizuro, Agnieszka Wolny-Hamkało, Dobromiła Jankowska (editorial secretary)

Publisher: Towarzystwo Aktywnej Komunikacji, ul. Popowicka 34/11, 54-237 Wrocław

Cover design: Wiktor Pawlik, Layout: Wiktor Pawlik, Szymon Krawiec

Printing: CPP Speed, sp. z o.o., Zero issue, autumn 2012, Edition: 800 copies



e-mail: redakcja@opowiadanie.org