V4. MFO – So far away, so close

We have invited authors from Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to Wroclaw to give presentations and participate in discussions, hoping that in such company, and with the participation of Polish writers, we would be able to have a conversation about several key, often controversial,issues which in recent years have been at the essence of the relationship between literature and, more broadly, artistic creativity in our four countries. We have the impression that we really know very little about each other, and that opportunities for mutual stimulation have been limited for reasons we do not fully understand. Listening to each other’s stories and exchanging opinions during discussions, we will attempt to pose the following questions: Does being part of Central Europe provide our literatures with the potential for shared, mutual inspiration, or does it instead reinforce the contrasts between them? How do particular literatures today refer to our common socialist past, and do mythologizing, unmasking, or nostalgic tendencies dominate? What is the relationship of these countries to European unification, and how strong are decentralist tendencies? How is the role of literature perceived in social or even political discourses: are escapist, or, to the contrary, interventionist tendencies in fashion?
The strength of our project is likely the fact that these diagnoses do not remain merely empty talk. The audience will in fact be able to ask themselves the same questions and to give their own answers to them: listening to stories brought here and translated specially for our festival.

We would like to thank the Visegrad Fund for funding our project.